White Eagle Jacket

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This jacket shouldn't be washed! Please brush off any dirt or grit. Sponge down with cold water. Follow care label carefully.

In the legacy of Amundsen we introduce a true throwback piece. Created in the image of an aviation legacy, the White Eagle jacket takes inspiration from the past while using innovated materials such as waxed cotton and wool insulating.

Made in Europe
Norwegian wool
Waxed cotton

› Norwegian Wool insulating
› Waxed Cotton from Halley Stevenson, Scotland
› White Eagle and field testing adventure patches

100% Waxed Cotton

Amundsen’s flight history is somewhat of a hidden gem—often overshadowed by his polar feats. But in truth, Amundsen showed great interest in aviation early on. Seeing the potential for a new era of adventure, he wrote “And now – suddenly all in one go – it will all maybe be changed. Cold and darkness will be exchanged for light and warmth, the long, laborious wanderings for a quick flight…In truth – the possibilities are great”.

While widely known for being the first to the South Pole in 1911, Roald Amundsen’s flight history is less while known being arguably just as impressive. He flew with the airship “NORGE” (“Norway”) piloted non-stop from Svalbard, Norway to Teller, Alaska USA. In 1925, Amundsen attempted to fly to the North Pole with five others in two Dornier Do. J. Wal sea planes, named N24 and N25. It is this enduring Spirit of Adventure, from the mountains, to the sea, and into the sky, which continues to inspire.

Weight 1400 g

Customer Reviews

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Great product, very high quality materials - as expected.

One thing to note though:

Shoulders seem a bit oversized when trying it on for the first time. I have quite wide shoulders as well.

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