Anoraks & Jackets

Here you will find a great selection of anoraks and jackets that are suitable for activities in the winter season! Whether the anorak or jacket is to be used as a warming surface or a protecting piece, or just a dot on the outfit, we have what you need.


One reason: The large easy access chest pocket.

This is what Jørgen keeps in his chest pocket while crossing the Hardangervidda on Expedition.

1 – Map
You should never rely just on your GPS.

2 – Compass
Your most important safety tool.

3 – GPS
Quick and accurate navigation.

4 – Cell phone
Important communication safety tool.

5 – Skins
Don’t be lazy – take the time to take them on and off when needed.

6 – Sunglasses
The sun can be extremely strong in the heights – important to protect the eyes at all time.

7 – Tobacco
Or other fixes for bad habits.

8 – Polishing cloth
Convenient for wet days.

9 – Cork
Make sure the wax lasts longer.

10 – Chocolate
Quick energy – and Norwegian chocolate tastes damn good.

11 – Nuts
Keeps you going the extra mile.

12 – Food pack
When old – it can be nice to move while eating.

13 – Flashlight
Essential safety.

14 – Matches
Make a fire? Or simply light your cigarette.

15 – Multi tool
Equipment will need fixing or modification in the field – and you cannot take your full tool case.

16 – Coins
You’re glad you have some coins should you pass a hut offering a coke or beer.

17 – Ski wax

18 – Sunscreen
The sun can be really strong in the heights – protect your face.

19 – Knife
The multi tool does not replace the good old knife.