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Fjordcord Skislacks

Garment dyed stretch cotton corduroy pants.

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Among the warmest and most comfortable boots on the market.

Fusion Split Pants Limited

The split pants, are our version of a pant look with all the benefits of the knickerbocker and gaiter.


Maybe the warmest and most comfortable lifestyle winter boot on the market

Winter Mucks Line-up

Play Well

With timeless sportswear of real quality, we take our products seriously but not ourselves too seriously. We never lose our sense of wonder, and never forget that nature is best enjoyed in the company of good friends whom one can share a good laugh with.
Play well out there.

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Field testing is at the core of our product development, so we keep our regular field testing adventures a top priority.
Our latest adventures are;
On Dirt Roads Through Botswana // From Montebelluna to Oslo // From Home to the Arctic Circle

Amundsen Peak Anorak

Our Award-Winning Anorak back in Stock.

Controversial opinion: anoraks are great. No, they don’t fully unzip, but the big central pocket sits conveniently above a pack’s hip-belt and lets you get at skins, snacks, and other essentials without exposing your chest to stabbing winds.

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Company Background

Amundsen’s take on outdoor is not like the others.


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