5Mila Half Zip

Dropping Soon. Featuring a merino blend chosen for its wicking and antibacterial properties. More info to come.

5Mila Half Zip

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Safari Mucks

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Safari Jacket

Made with lightweight waxed cotton. Windproof and breathable for all your summer adventures.

Safari Jacket

Field Slacks

 Indestructible slacks for the woods, oceans, mountains and all the stretches in between.

Field Slacks Selection

 Indestructible slacks for the woods, oceans, mountains and all the stretches in between. Based on the best-selling Field Shorts, now available as a slack. Built in a super strong stretch cordura and reinforced with waxed cotton canvass on thighs and seat – we challenge you to put these Slacks to the test. 

Safari Luggage

Now available. Carefully stitched in tough cotton canvass with leather details.

Available now: Safari Luggage

Amundsen Book Selection

Safari Mucks

The bespoken Camp Boot. Essential for any type of summer adventure. Immediate comfort right out of the box, no need for breaking-in. 

Bags & Packs

Carefully stitched in a tough cotton canvass. Designed to be durable and dependable for all of your journeys.

Concord Shorts

Sold out. Shorts in stretch concord for the everyday outdoor lifestyle. One of the few shorts still in stock.

Available now: Safari Mucks


A selection of products in stock used by Emma & Alex. Shot in Boulder, CO.

Roamer Anorak

Emma & Alex of Amundsen USA enjoying a spring afternoon in the canyons surrounding Boulder, CO

Bags & Packs

«Friluftsliv» is a state of mind // You are free to define it for yourself • Take & Make time to create your own

Concord Shorts

Emma captured in our Safari Linen Shirt & 3incher concord shorts.

Play Well

With timeless sportswear of real quality, we take our products seriously but not ourselves too seriously. We never lose our sense of wonder, and never forget that nature is best enjoyed in the company of good friends whom one can share a good laugh with.
Play well out there.

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Field testing is at the core of our product development, so we keep our regular field testing adventures a top priority.
Our latest adventures are;
On Dirt Roads Through Botswana // From Montebelluna to Oslo // From Home to the Arctic Circle

Friends in the Field

Want to become a friends in the field member? | Send your two best pictures to trygve@amundsensports.com

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Amundsen’s take on outdoor is not like the others.


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