Product & Environmental Attitude

Product & Environmental Attitude

While the biggest polluters in our industry compete to make most noise about recycling and other green initiatives, we try to focus on what matters; fewer products.

We do not believe in the ever growing fabricated need of micro-specialised clothing for each of your outdoor activities. As long as your products are; Versatile, Long-lasting and Stylish you do not need a big outdoor wardrobe!!


Outdoor enthusiasts are usually not just climbers, just free skiers or just campers. They are usually exploring a multitude of activities in the wilderness. It is the nature that drives them – not just the activity. It is therefore vital that your outdoor garments are versatile enough to be used across most activities, conditions and situations.


We do not think you need new clothing just because a new colour or fit is trending, or because you plan to undertake a new type of activity. We strive to design simple, honest and back to basic products with a timeless design and colour palette.

Long Lasting

Through the quality of material use, technology and craftsmanship we continuously make sure your timeless and versatile garments lasts for generations.