• Sunnmøre Summer Hiking

    Sunnmøre Summer Hiking

    Nora & Julie set off from Sæbø towards a family farm at Skår – a cluster of farm houses nestled into one of the few habitable places on the western end of the…

  • Maui: The End of the Road Pt.3

    Maui: The End of the Road Pt.3

    The ‘Road to Hana’ is essentially a rite of passage for visitors to Maui, snaking 100km (60 miles) through the island’s eastern forests and over its infamous sea cliffs. Built in the 1920’s…

  • Maui: A Trek Through The Mist, Pt. 2

    Maui: A Trek Through The Mist, Pt. 2

    Despite being only a few miles from the coast, Maui’s Western Mountains soar to over 1,700 meters (5,700 feet) – their prominence from the beach is striking, as their peaks and spires rise…

  • Maui: Travelling the Tropics, Pt. 1

    Maui: Travelling the Tropics, Pt. 1

    After a long and playful winter in the mountains, summer’s imminent arrival spurred on Alex & Henry’s need to trade wool for linen and skis for boards. The coasts, valleys, and forested peaks…

  • The Road To Nowhere

    The Road To Nowhere

    Formed by the evaporation of Lake Bonneville some 13,000 years ago, the Salt Flats spread for miles along the Great Basin of Utah. A white, flat, and aired landscape limits ecological growth but…

  • Weekend Warriors | Easter Route

    Weekend Warriors | Easter Route

    We tagged along with (part-time) weekend warriors, (full-time) engineers, and (long-time) friends of Amundsen, Torgeir & Morten, on their Easter route from Finse, over Hardangerjøkulen, down to the Demmevasshytta Hut, and back to…

  • Moving Feed Station | Nordmarka, Norway

    Moving Feed Station | Nordmarka, Norway

    “Jo flere kokker, jo mer søl” we say in Norway – meaning «the more cooks, the more mess”. And we ended up making a mess. But nonetheless we had a lot of fun when…

  • Childhood Nostalgia in Camp Wandawega

    Childhood Nostalgia in Camp Wandawega

    Not New, Not Improved, Since 1925 As JC, Julie, and myself (Henry) embarked on our trans-Midwestern sales expedition, we had no expectation of adventure – aside from perhaps shifting through three lanes of…

  • Amundsen College Club

    Amundsen College Club

    College culture is a big part of Amundsen North America. Back in 2017 our first «office» was established in a garage in Boulder – straight out of the University of Colorado. And as…

  • The Adventurous Optimists

    The Adventurous Optimists

    A forced bushwhack through Canada The previous night we had dreamt and drooled over potential pillow lines that lay hidden in the backcountry of Blue River, BC. Spoiled by helicopters lifts earlier that…

  • Comeback of The Delivery Boys

    Comeback of The Delivery Boys

    It’s been a few years since the delivery boys were out in the field, but in the 11th hour before Christmas we needed to re-stock the New York City shop— and there’s no…

  • A taste of Freedom W. Ronnie Romance

    A taste of Freedom W. Ronnie Romance

    Ronnie, Ron, Ulta Romance… what ever you call him he is hard to miss. The vintage bikes, bushy beard, short shorts and thick sweaters…. His romantic and self-governed life is suggestive of times past.…

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