Breguet Jacket

$ 469

From Norway, through Argentina, around Cape Horn and all the way down to Antarctica, this short and light insulated jacket was our best companion. Since that time we have updated with Norwegian Woolinside insulation for better temperature control. Featuring merino wool knitted elements on cuffs, waist and collar for maximum comfort. Truly an all-season jacket for any sport or occasion.

Made in Europe
Norwegian wool

› Lightweight durable polyamide face
› 120 grams Norwegian Woolinside insulation
› Cuffs, waist and neck knitted in pure merino wool
› Antarctic Tartan lining
› Amundsen Peak patches on upper sleeves

100% Polyamide, 100% Wool Insultation and Cuffs

Weight 625 g

Customer Reviews

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My best friend

Virkelig en god jakke. Den ser bra ut og er veldig behagelig. Anbefales

Horrible service, nice jacket.

I recently received my jacket in XXL. After trying it on, it was too large so I immediately repackaged and sent it for an xl return.

After losing my return in their warehouse for weeks, they returned my jacket to me saying that I removed labels, made the jacket "smell bad", and it had wear marks on it.

This jacket was out of the plastic packaging for about five minutes. I removed nothing, and I certainly couldn't have made it smell bad or have wear marks. Obviously this occured while it was "lost" in their warehouse.

If you're not 100% sure of your size, do not waste your time with this company as they have abysmal service.

I buy most of my clothing online, and this is the first time a company has treated me poorly enough to motivate me to write a review. At the price point of this clothing, you'd think customer service would be critical to their success.

Great Jacket

Great light Jacket - excellent design
Shoulders are slightly large - even with a large sweater underneath


Love everything about this jacket. Great cut, stitching design, the lining and the cuffs all add their own elements.

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