Field Test Africa #3

On Dirt Roads Through Botswana

#3 Central Kalahari Game Reserve –  @ 9.30PM

Sunrise is without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of the day. First, a red glare across the sky before a fireball appears over the savannah to expose animal tracks across the camp and vervet monkey’s kickstarting their morning routine.

The coffee simmed as we planned today’s route. We were heading into the mythical Kalahari Desert, an area of more than 900 000km² of remote wilderness. More specifically we headed North-West from Kwa Nokeng towards a small town of Rakops. Here we took advantage of one of the few fuel stops around the area to prepare ourselves to disconnect and head into the Game Reserve. After hours on paved roads, it was a relief to enter the sandy dunes.

Postcard: Heading into The Kalahari Desert 

Time and space becomes irrelevant when you enter a place like this. No service and all your necessities packed into the back of our 4×4’s. Travelling by car can often be associated with stress and discomfort, but this is another kind of travel. The fact that walking around a game reserve is strictly prohibited makes the car’s the only mean of travel to experience this vast and remarkable space.

For those of you that have just started following our journey, the concept of this tour is part of a Amundsen Sports tradition. Every spring, a small group of our employees head out on a journey to test a new collection. This year we are Field Testing our new Safari Mucks and Safari Collection. So far the new goods have impressed us all, and to build on our new category of boots, the Safari Muck is living up to our high expectations.

Postcard: Trygve lacing up the boots in the morning  

Our destination for tonights camp was the Sunday Pan’s of Kalahari. Dried up lakes makes for great scenery and driving, and it is remarkable to think that these roads have been covered by water just weeks ahead. As we got further into the reserve, the wildlife started to expose itself. We passed by gems, kudu’s and springbok’s. The Big Five have a tendency to move around the shadows and as the soil dries up, many of them have already moved North. For us, the journey itself is what matters, the animals will therefore become a huge bonus on top of this stunning view.

Postcard: Springboks flying across the savannah

Our camp is set for the night. We haven’t seen people since we passed through the park gate 5 hours ago. Finally we are in the midst of it. What makes Botswana and these National Park’s even more unique is the ability of unfenced/unsecured camping. Here, wild animals can roam freely through our camp. It add’s a little spice for us Norwegians being used to moose and foxes moving around the dark forests of Norway, this is quite different. Tomorrow we will be heading North again, exiting Kalahari moving towards the more humid areas of Botswana, the Okavango Delta. Stay tuned and sleep tight from the Kalahari Desert.

Postcard: Roof top tents with a unbeatable view

Okavango Delta

#2 Heading North! (Blog Post #2) 

(JC making fire) 

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