Field Test Africa #1

On Dirt Roads Through Botswana

#1 Johannesburg, South Africa – Touchdown at the O.R Tombo International Airport – 07:45AM 

5 days before arriving in Johannesburg we found ourselves at the hospital awaiting our vaccinations in Oslo, Norway. At that point we only knew that our destination would be south of equator, before the doctor asked us where we were heading. “We don’t know!” we replied in sync.

This situation seemed familiar, as this is usually how our preparations goes. Last year, our trip from Montebelluna – Oslo was planned 2 days before departure.  This year we found ourselves in a similar scenario. At the Doctors office there were maps of “disease areas” across Africa, and one country stood out as more remote and sacred than any other African country; Botswana. With a population just shy of 2,3 million people we have heard tales of its beauty and remarkable nature. National reserves as large as Switzerland and Denmark combined seemed a fitting destination for testing our brand new Safari Collection. Following up on our new category of last year, the ILUJJINIQ Mountain Muck, now the Safari Boots are up to test together with our new Safari Shorts, Safari Jacket and other news from the newly released collection.

PostcardJohannesburg, South Africa

Arriving in Johannesburg was a stark contrast to the crispy spring mornings in Norway. The rain season have just ended down here and as the soil dries up we will be heading into the wilderness of Northern Botswana. First off we had a planning day ahead of us to collect our necessities and gear up the vehicles. To carry us for 3000km we have two 4×4 pickup trucks with roof top tents and they will be our practical homes for the next 10 days. None of us have explored these areas before so we are eager to get started and put our clothing to the real test. We stacked up at a local butcher with South African meat, jerky, wine and other local goodies. Our 4×4’s are ready to go in the morning, kickstarting our 3000km adventure through the wilderness of Botswana. Check in tomorrow as we head North!

Postcard: Jørgen Amundsen going over the route into Botswana

Kwa Nokeng, Botswana (By the Limpopo River, dividing South Africa and Botswana)

#2 Heading towards Botswana (Blog Post #2) 

(Trygve treating the leather details on our brand new luggage set) 

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