Looking back at our family heritage and outdoor sports in general, we see that a lot of ancient know-how has disappeared in how one dress in nature today. What happened to the knickerbocker that all real mountain men preferred before? We wanted to find out, and developed the first truly technical knickerbockers and took them to Antarctica for testing. Our findings placed the knickerbocker as the very foundation of our product approach and  concept



Field testing is an integrated part of the process from the first proto through to the final product. Our product ideas appear in the field and it is also there a new product comes to life. Sometimes longer field tests in the most remote places on Earth and other times shorter testings in our own “back-yard”. This is also a motivation factor for us as it allows us to be as much as possible out in nature doing a variety of activities in all seasons. 


We do not believe in the ever growing fabricated need of micro-specialised clothing for each of your outdoor activities. As long as your products are Adaptable, Versatile, Long-lasting and Stylish you do not need a big outdoor wardrobe! These attitudes are naturally also a benefit for the environment. To take it further we focus on short-travelled products. We sew our garments in Europe with solely European fabrics for the European market.