Boiled Hoodie Laced

$ 299

The favourite boiled hoodie for everyday outdoor 100%. Merino Wool sourced from Australia; all muelessing free, biodegradeable, renewable & recycable.

Do not hang
Merino wool

Moss stitch
100% boiled Merino Wool front and hood

100% Merino Wool

The front and hood of the sweater is knitted extremely big and the boiled back to its rights size. This technique to make clothing for mountain people and seafarers alike was a great way to obtain unequalled warmth, water and wind resistance.

Weight 723 g


Customer Reviews

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Martin Eichler

I've had this hoody for just over a year and I can say it's hands down the best I've ever owned. Casual enough for lounging around the house, but classy enough for out and about. Hard wearing and warm, it held up to anything I put it through. Everything except the washer. Don't trust the wool setting! This heirloom piece will be sorely missed. Buy one, you won't regret it. Just don't put it in the washer.

julien demerson

La coupe est top et la qualité incroyable. Ravi de cet achat !!!!!!

Frank Nonnenmacher

I exactly can repeat what Max Urban said. Maybe one more litte story. I used the hoodie to sit outside and watching into a fire. Unfortunately the hoodie got dirty from ash. I tried to clean up the hoodie but I made it even worse :-(. I was so deeply sad, because it happend shortly after buying the hoodie. But then something amazing happend. Over the time washing the hoodie it cleaned itself. Now it looks like clear blue as before.


I bought this last winter, used it almost everyday. Super comfy!!

Eneasz Gawora

This wool is well treated, it does not scratch, it does not tickle the skin. At a size of 193 cm, the size XL is ok for me. Maybe the sleeves could be a bit longer... Great for an expedition or a city when it gets cold and you need protection against wind and cold. Solid construction.

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