5Mila Half Zip

$ 119

The 5 Mila half zip for moderate to high-intensity training. The merino blend fabric provides sweat-wicking and antibacterial properties, along with its ability to insulate against the cold and to breathe in warmer conditions.

Made in Europe
2-way stretch
Moisture move

› Insulating and breathable Sportwool™
› 49% merino wool /41% Polyester
› Classic slim fit
› Half zip opening

41% Polyester, 59% Merino Wool

Weight 250 g


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
“Sweet-spot” Core Product

There is a reason some products are termed, Core Collection: their fabrication, colorations, fit pattern and overall design hit that “sweet spot” of perfection. Like this (reasonably priced) item. There is everything to like about this product which makes an ideal 3-season LS top.

As for the 50% merino content, this is a bit of Goldilocks territory. Less than that, and there is not enough merino to offset the typical polyester issue: Early Odor Onset. And EOO is particularly annoying to those around you. Spare them!

And avoiding 100% merino content allows a broader comfort range (don’t believe fools who think merino is “terrific” in summer, it’s a (Smart) wool cult that says that given as merino fiber absorbs water (like summer sweat), it releases heat which isn’t exactly what you need in summer.

And 100% merino, once wet, is near impossible to dry in the field. So 50/50 blend is ideal which most Norwegian realists have long known. Further, the poly is “plaited” on the inside, giving a smoother, non-itch feel and drying faster next to skin.

Kudos for the design team here for creating a core winner that should always be in the line. Just change the colors once in a while which will incentivize the 5-Mila faithful to add to their Amundsen wardrobe.

Thomas Morrill

It's just what I had hoped for ...light weight, soft and functional for sunny xc skiing days. It also is a good look when you're at a casual social function or running around town.

Anders G

My new favorite everyday zip! :D


Helt nydelig half zip genser. Anbefales til alle som er opptatt av kvalitet, men samtidig vil se jævlig bra ut.

Clement Le Dily

If you went knowing what you bought, then this product is perfect. I wanted a light merino sweater mainly for comfort and style and I really love what I got. Extremely comfortable to the touch, it is a good fit for my muscular build.

I would give one warning to people looking for some really "warm" sweater : This is a light product, that does not isolate or protect you from the wind. If you intent you wear this under very cold weather, prepare to wear at least one thermal layer under, and one soft or hard shell protective layer on top.

!0/!0 would recommend any day.

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