After a visit our US retailer Devil’s Thumb Ranch, JC and Alex headed to Berthoud pass
for a night of winter camping. With a sled full of tents, stoves,
and a pile of nachos the boys had a two-hour hike to an
alpine plateau overlooking the valley below.


In the morning we looked to the South West from our camp to see a beautiful ridgeline with multiple lines to ski. Next time we would trade our Asnes mountain skis for alpine.


Like many, coffee has become one of our most important items on a trek. The checklist looks something like: beacon, shovel, probe, COFFEE.

Alex pictured here enjoying a cup or two before packing up camp.


JC took on the responsibility of hauling up our stove in the sled, along with most of the other gear. (Alex claimed he would have his hands full with the cameras….) Our friends at Winnnerwell stoves provided just the tool to keep us warm and perfectly melt the cheese for our Nacho night!


After a night under the Colorado stars at 3,446m, it was time to make our way down from Berthoud Pass. Our hidden gem of a camp spot would be waiting for us in Spring. Fueled by the weight of our sleds, the trip down made the hike up feel like a marathon. Before ending our outing we couldn’t help but build a jump and out our cross country skis to the test.

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