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The Mountain Mucks comes with a mesh inner boot as standard. If you plan to use your Mucks in really cold conditions you should add a pair of wool inner boots which you can interchange with the standard inner boot for those coldest times of year.
When not used inside the Mucks, the inner boots works as a comfortable pair of slippers.



Made in Europe

Inner Boot Made in Wool


The Mucks System;

In October 2018, we launched the Ilujjiniq Mountain Mucks together with 2 different inner boots a standard version and a wool felt version. The concept is that you choose the inner boot most suited for your attended use. So for the coldest winter days, you would switch to the Wool inner boots and so on….

The Ilujjiniq Mountain Mucks are only the first boot in a brand new footwear system.With the layering concept inspired by the Inuits, we are working on several different outer and inner boots to complete the system.


So if you already own the Mountain Muck, you can simply purchase the upcoming Rubber outer boot and use any of your current inner boots inside them…. same goes for the upcoming desert boot for the warmer summer hikes – just to mention a few of the styles currently on the drawing board.

Likewise, should you rather want to add to your system with more inner boots, you simply add the upcoming waterproof inner to your Muck System. This way you build your own boot system custom for your use, climate and needs.

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To be continued…..


Weight 1500 kg

Yellow Haze


38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

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