Vidda Jacket Mens

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The all new Vidda Jacket takes the Anorak version one step further to offer a wide usage, from the most extreme polar expeditions all the way to an urban lifestyle. The jacket is made in the absolutely unique Ventile®, a fabric densely woven from 100% organic cotton using only the world´s finest long staple cotton fibre.

It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort and feel as well as being water resistant, windproof, highly breathable, durable and silent. We know of no other fabrics that can compare to this.

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  • Ventile® is densely woven form 100% organic cotton using the world´s finest long staple fibre.
  • No coating or lamination, the dense weave with swelling properties ensures natural weatherproofing.
  • Windproof, highly breathable, very durable, light and quiet. A unique level of comfort and feel.
  • Water tight zippers
  • Chest pocket with openings from the top, ideal for security radio/gps etc.
  • Napoleon pocket
  • Snow-lock intergration with split-pant
  • Hood fitted for helmet
  • Optional coyote fur in the hood edge
  • Hand warmer pockets without zippers


Vidda Jacket Mens