Outdoor life is at risk. It used to be okay to just exist out in nature, but now we’re expected to set goals and go places. “The Art Of Wandering Without Purpose” is an analogue short film that is all about finding a deeper connection with nature and your emotions. It defies the intellect, instead embracing the emotions. In this narrative, a scene devoid of immediate relevance may unfold, driven by a singular objective: to sculpt one’s character and enrich the voyage.

The best part is, you don’t need much to have an adventure. Just grab a tent and a sleeping bag, head to the nearest forest, and you’re on your way to a great experience. “The Art of Wandering Without Purpose” was filmed over a single day in Nordmarka at the end of May, using analog film, not digital.

“This method is rooted in genuine chemical and physical reactions. When light hits the film, it records the electromagnetic rays and literally burns them into the film roll. This ensures that the moment is captured in a truly authentic way, as if the film locks in the light itself. In this living process, every single pixel becomes a testimony to the moment, and every frame is imprinted with its own light and story,” concludes director Andreas Nordberg.


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