A Weekend Recap by Alex Beal 

Sag Harbor, located towards the end of long island, is an escape from the heat and noise of Manhattan. Steeped in a seafaring history, the small town has now become of a respite for those in need of a summertime outside of a concreate jungle. Names like John Steinbeck, Billy Joel, and Jackson Pollock come to mind as local residence. Legend has it, Steinbeck was often spotted in a fisherman’s cap and rubber boots, roaming Main St. or on his way to his 22-foot cabin boat, Fayre Eleyne. And it’s easy to see why these artist and Manhattanites took refuge in this little town—the charm of its shingled sided houses, protected harbor, and easy access to water make Sag Harbor seem like it’s right out of a novel.

It had now been a few months since we had seen our vessel, Fram Jr. She had been stored up the Hudson River after our trip from Martha’s Vineyard to New York and it seemed only right we pay her a visit. With our friends Camilla, Anine, and Ludvig staying in Sag Harbor it was only natural with bring the mighty Fram Jr. to long Island.

The plan was set. JC and Alex would meet Kristin at the New York Shop (262 Mott St. New York, New York.) and pack up all the necessities for the weekend. Fram Jr.  would be ready to go by Saturday morning. Our ambition was to create a small pop-up shop aboard Fram Jr. and hand out waffles, ice cream, and Solo soda to those passing by. Kristin’s friends from the city, Danny and Michon joined us that afternoon and we ventured through town with waffles in hand.


We are no strangers when it comes to Norwegian waffles and Sag Harbor was about to experience (in our humble opinion) some of the best. We took the streets—Anine, Ludvig, Michon, and Kristin would run the show while JC, Alex, and Danny captured the moments. We had made enough waffles to feed a small army and within 30 minutes they were gone!

When the batter had run out we returned to Fram Jr. for an afternoon cruise. Everyone was eager to try some of our new Fall pieces as the sea breeze provided enough cool air to do so. Dusk was upon us and though we had our fair share of waffles, dinner was on our mind. Camilla suggested a local Lobster shack and we didn’t have to think twice. In bare feet and mouths full of lobster we were convinced Sag Harbor might just be the best summer retreat.

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