Safari Mucks

$ 209

“SAFARI” sa·​fa·​ri | sə-ˈfär-ē
Layered travelling boot – The latest member of the Muck System. Boot built in sueded leather, cotton canvass and a comfortable Vibram sole. Inner boots included.

Made in Europe

Inner boot
Sueded leather
Canvas/Cotton details
Vibram sole

Suede Leather, 100% Cotton Canvas

“SAFARI” sa·​fa·​ri | sə-ˈfär-ē

The Safari Mucks are the second boot in in the muck system, focusing on adventure travelling. Hand-sewn in suede leather and cotton canvass welted on a super-soft vibram sole. The inner boot is done in a breezy open mesh to ensure air flow. The inner boot also includes a sole in order to function as a slipper in camp, indoors or on longer flights.

Weight 1000 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Okay. These are expensive. BUT so far worth every penny. I have actually bought three pairs and returned two. Why? Well.... I started with the thick leather ones (mountain mucks) which were my favourites to begin with but I found them a little heavy and not what I wanted - I wanted an every day winter boot I could wear around town and country walks. These were amazing boots, amazing quality and build, but not for every day use. I live in a city so I wouldn’t get the use out of them they really deserved. I then went for the winter mucks and wasn’t sure about the colour of them so returned them - and finally settled on the Safari's. They are like wearing gloves for your feet and are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn, mostly due to the slipper insole that they come with. If I had one small complaint is that they are quite big but I’m unsure whether you could make them smaller with the slipper included. In short / if you want regular touring boots for city and off road, these are them. For harsh and cold conditions the winter muck and if you are seriously off road go for the mountain mucks.


I bought these boots based on the description and appearance for a light hiking/trekking boot. They arrived and were super comfy on first wear. I agree with the reviews that they don’t need breaking in, like a traditional hiking boot. I did a three day hike the weekend after they arrived and no blisters or issues. It was an early spring hike in the Teton Mountains and there were some minor snow crossings. I do not recommend these on snow - they’re super slippery and I had some pretty hysterical slips. I also crossed a few streams in these and they didn’t dry overnight even when I separated the boot and liner and left out in the sun. So overall, great looking and comfortable boot, I’m just not sure what the intended use is. I’ve never been on safari but would think for most it’s a lot of riding around in Land Rover Defenders where this boot would be overkill.

Remi Andre Heggen

Dette er bare helt genialt.
De sitter som skapt for foten, lager ingen gnagsår eller vonter over flere mil på en gang, og er akkurat passe stive og lette til at dem fungerer like bra i steinura på fjellet, som byvandring i regnværet. Gleder meg til å teste innerskoa i ull til vinteren.
Jeg har både La Såortiva Trango GTX og flere par lave fjellsko fra Mammut. Dem er ikke i nærheten av å gi så god turglede som disse fra Amundsen. STOR tommel opp til dere 👍🏻


Skoene er meget fine å se på, puster godt og gir god støtte til anklene. Sålene gir imidlertid dårlig grep i vanlig norsk skogsterreng, og spesielt når det er vått. Syns de er litt overpriset.


Immediate comfort right out of the box, no need for breaking-in. Trekking in mud & over rocky surfaces? Not a problem. Crossing mountain streams? Didn’t slip once? Going the distance (ca.20km)? Not one blister. Get soaking wet? The inner boot dries quickly. I set them out in the sun when I stopped for lunch - good to go for the next leg of the journey. The Vibram sole connects well to rough surfaces surprisingly well.
The heels slip,but wrapping the laces around the back a couple of times - problem solved. Also, the tongue of the boot is too short to use the top lace hole, so I didn’t. The Velcro? Useless. It snags on & damages wool socks, catches & wears out the stitching. I covered them up.
I did not go easy on these boots for 3 days. They performed surprising well. Plus still looked great afterwards for a few beers at the lodge. I suggest wearing the Amundsen sports socks (the Comfy or Performance) with the legwarmers for cold mornings & best performance. For summer hikes & trails, these boots are great. Highly recommended. Robothoner

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