Harvest Collection

Music: Best Friend by Luke Mitrani

Snuck in under Reinskarvet, Norway, we tag along with J. Amundsen, Pils (the dog) & crew out harvesting trout. Finding ingredients in the bountiful wilderness of nature is a playful treasure hunt. There´s something liberating about preparing fish in its natural state, instead of merely purchasing the fish in a branded & neat package. If you´re game to fish, you will probably have a clearer and more certain idea of where your food stems from

HARVESTING essentials

“By sustainably harvesting trout, this small lake benefits from the careful pruning without being harmed in any way.”

Hunting Mucks

Handmade in Montebelluna, Italy

“We live in an era where the global interest in small-batch products has heightened as a response to mass production. Invest in products that will stand the test of passing seasons.” 
Monocle Magazine

Fjordcord Slacks

With highly stretchy corduroy from Cosserat France

Our Fjordcord Slacks are designed for everyday outdoor use. With highly stretchy corduroy from Cosserat France, these pants provide comfort, durability, and style for all seasons. Few left.  

“There is a wisdom that comes from observing the land and the creatures that live from its earthy gifts.”

Breguet Jacket

Updated this season with lightweight rip-stop face fabric.

Short and lightweight comforter – Tested in Antarctica. Featuring merino wool knitted elements on cuffs, waist and collar for maximum comfort. Truly an all-season jacket for any sport or occasion

Harvester Overshirt

Lined with wool fleece from Pontetorto, Italy.

Overshirt in water-resistant stretch cotton corduroy lined with wool fleece. With its full front buttons and hand-warmer pockets it is designed to be worn over a sweater. A companion for spring, summer and fall.

HARVESTING essentials

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