Winter Mucks Loden

$ 450

This must be the warmest and most comfortable lifestyle winter boot we have ever worn.
Made in genuine calf leather with wool loden gaiter. The Vibram Arctic Grip sole keeps you on your feet even on the ice.
Layering system with inner boots which serves as slippers indoors.
Note: Slightly small in size when new. However, inner boot will expand after some use.

› Removable inner-boot
› Inner-boots serves as slippers when removed from outer-boot
› Integrated gaiters in wool loden
› Vibram Arctic Grip Sole
› Handcrafted in Montebelluna, Italy
› Welted boot


The Winter Muck is handcrafted in a genuine calf leather. The unique layering system features a separate inner boot. This system makes the boots incredibly comfortable and warm. The Inner boots also function as a great pair of slippers when inside. To ensure you do not slip around on the ice this winter we have selected the Vibram Arctic Grip Sole.
The integrated gaiters on the Winter Mucks are sewn in a lustrous light, warm and strong merino wool loden from Austria, to ensure you stay dry from the last dump of snow.

Weight 1320 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I absolutely love these boots. I got them to wear to work during the cold winter days. I went from having to use toe warmers to now needing to wear thinner socks to keep my feet from sweating, which is not a bad thing. I have very bad circulation so these have been a lifesaver.

Mark Zimmer

I ordered and received the boots quickly (less than a week) Shipped from Sweden to Maine! First impression was they were much lighter than I expected. I am used to big heavy winter boots and these are like air. Putting them on the first time was quirky, but if you use the pulls, they pop right on, the liner is very formfitting and the boot shell is very rigid! They are like light weight ski boots but with no lockup on the ankle. Supportive and comfortable. The gaiters are very helpful in the deep snow we have. Did not soak or hold snow, the soles are excellent and gave good traction in our hike. The tongue of the liner needs to be pulled up as far as it goes! Do not lock it in the velcro tabs. Kind of odd that it doesn't, but I looked at the models in the pics and all had those tabs out. Feels so much better! Anyway, high marks, and so far they are better than I hoped for!
Oh, the liners in the "Winter" mucks seem to be summer breathable liners which put me off at first, but they seemed warm enough in my short hike in foot deep snow! I will get the loden liners offered when they become available and review the differences.

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