Mountain Mucks Wool Loden

$ 550

Mountain Mucks Handcrafted in Montebelluna. Layering system with inner boots and Integrated loden gaiters.

› Integrated gaiters
› Inner boots
› Crampon Fix
› Nanga Litebase Sole from Vibram
› Norwegian Welt
› Weight; 1500 grams per pair

Hydro Full Grain Leather

Find your size below. The measurements are a general guide to sizing, and the measurements provided are to give you an approximate idea of what size you will be in. If you prefer a looser fit, choose one or two sizes bigger. Insider´s tips: We at Amundsen prefer to mix men and women styles to find our own perfect fit.

38459 3/8
39569 3/4
416.57.510 1/8
427.58.510 1/2
438910 3/4
45101111 1/2
46111211 3/4

Slightly small in size when new. However, inner boot will expand after some use.

Weight 1500 g


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Huib Attema

I bought my Mountain Mucks in Edinburgh. They were called Hunting Mucks, with the green loden gaiter.

One Star - Looks - good.

One Star - Comfort - good, the boot walks well.

No Star - Material - the loden gaiter is a gaiter in name only, it does not stand up to any abuse. Walking/Hunting with the boots in undergrowth tore more holes in the loden than you find in a swiss cheese.

No Star - Service - the claimed repair service only applies to Norway. I have asked Amundsen four times what to do. The reply I got "take it to a tailor". Tailors here in Scotland do not repair boots and Cobblers do not repair gaiters.

No Star - Value - when spending $550 on a pair of boots I expect a little more effort than what I have experienced so far. The $100 incremental price for a Muck with gaiter versus one with no gaiter is a joke. The quality of the loden is definitely not worth the extra cash.

Would I buy a Mountain Muck again - No.

If you you want to buy, get the model without gaiter and use traditional gaiters.

Marius Aasarød

I have only worn these boots on a couple of long hikes so far, but I am totally blown away by their stability, craftmanship and comfort. Rubbed two layers of Huberd's into the leather by hand before the first long trip, and I haven't worried one second about becoming wet and cold in the autumn mountains this far. I would absolutely use these boots in all seasons, and preferably with the woolen inner boot. The attached gaiter has been such a handy addition compared to "normal hiking boots", and I love that they keep all the dirt, grass, leaves and grits from coming into my boots.

Neither have I had troubles with blisters, although I feel my feet "slipping" a bit inside the inner boot when traversing rough inclines or really uneven ground. Personally I would rather have a bit of slippage than having a tight fit with less flexibility. Bringing the laces behind your ankle, tightening and then bringing them to the front to tie them off is key to keeping the slippage to a minimum and increasing general comfort while walking.

If I should mention one thing that doesn't seem to be 100% in order it is the velcro closing mechanism on the inner boots. These seem to be prone to breaking down after using them for a while. Luckily it isn't really a problem since you won't be able to tell the difference if they are closed off or open during a hike, and the inner boot is 100% freestanding and replaceable.

Maria Melås-Kvitland

These boots have the unique combination of looking good, comfortable to walk, the inner boot and the gaiter. They may look heavy, but feels both light and stady when walking in the mountain. Not to hard when walking on flat surfaces. The boot have a good support for the ankle. The leather stands out water and gets smoother for each trip. On the gaiter there is a hole that fit with a button on your knickerbocker from Amundsen. These boots can be used all year around. The most complete hiking boot I've tried. Simply great!

Jeger i nord

Gode sko med god komfort. Konseptet med å ta ut innerskoen var fantastisk første jaktuke. Gått 100km uten innkjøring på forhånd, tørre sko hver dag. Amundsen sier du kan bytte gaiter/såle når utslitt, noe som trygger investeringen i støvlene. Innerskoen som ofte blir sur kan både vaskes og byttes. Anbefales av en finnmarksjeger. Alfa/crispi har noe å lære av dette

Haakon Magne Kværn

Even though I assume these are meant for spring, summer and fall, I use mine in all conditions.

I wore them on my 3 day (60ish km) hike from Oslo to Hadeland in late October. Conditions were soaking wet and muddy the entire way, with the trails often being small rivers, but the mucks kept me dry.

They performed a similar role when grouse hunting in the mountains in November.

A big plus with the removable inner sole, outside of easily being able to dry them, is that you can remove them and put them in your sleeping bag at night to avoid having to put on ice cold shoes in the morning. This is something people camping outside in cold conditions should be able to relate to.

I have also used mine mountain hiking in semi-snow and whilst ice fishing with the woolen inner shoe. I was a bit skeptical of the built-in gaiter, but these have pleasantly surprised me with being comfortable to wear and keeping snow and dirt out.

For static use in winter (i.e whilst ice fishing), I would recommend buying a thicker insulating sole in addition to the woolen inner sole.

Could not recommend these enough.

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