Mountain Mucks Waxed Cotton

$ 550

Mountain Mucks Handcrafted in Montebelluna. Layering system with inner boot and Integrated waxed cotton gaiters. Comes with inner boots and insoles.
Slightly small in size when new. However, inner boot will expand after some use.

Made in Europe

› Integrated gaiters
› Comes with our standard mesh inner boots.
› Crampon Fix.
› Nanga Litebase Sole from Vibram.
› Norwegian Welt.

Hydro Full Grain Leather

This is the third edition of the Mountain Mucks, with new and improved gusset in leather and further support in the ankle through one additional lace loop.
The Mountain Mucks are handcrafted in Montebelluna from the finest vegetable tanned full grain leather. Carefully welted the Norwegian style.
The Mountain mucks feature the unique layering system with a separate inner boot. This system makes the boots incredibly comfortable, reduced risk of blisters, increasing warmth and breathability. It makes drying much faster after a day out in the wet field when separated from the outer boot. The Inner boots also function as a great pair of slippers when inside.

Weight 1500 g

Customer Reviews

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juha baloun

Always warm, always dry, always perfect fitting. I like these Boots (sorry Muck´s) very much. They are perfekt for hiking in the mountains in Austria. I cant wait to the next weekend to wear them:-).


The materials and craftsmanship on these boots are like nothing I have ever experienced, they are almost a work of art. They are comfortable and I was able to break them in within a few days. The grip is reassuring and makes me feel as steady as a mountain goat. They took me a few times of wearing to really get used to them as the laces & eyelet set-up seems a bit complex at first, but there is method to the design and they perform really well. They are also exceptionally warm, which is nice, even though a more temperate UK winter doesn’t demand it. I’ve never considered if they are waterproof before writing this review, but they must be as I have never had wet or damp feet as would be my expectation of this exceptional product.

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