Concord Slim Knickerbockers

$ 229

Stretch Comfort for the everyday outdoor lifestyle, now upgraded with 4-way stretch. Our classic knickerbockers are crafted in in corduroy from Cosserat, the world’s oldest corduroy producer. This latest version brings unmatched flexibility and comfort, together with a DWR treatment for water resistance and knee cuff integration for gaiters.

Made in Europe
4-way stretch

› 4-Way stretch cotton velvet corduroy
› DWR Treatment for water resistance
› Kneecuff integration for gaiters
› Zipped pockets
› Articulated knees

64% Cotton, 29% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

For more than 200 years they have produced the famous “Corduroy of Amiens”, a synonym of “authentic corduroy”. Providing you with ultimate flexibility and comfort, this corduroy is designed to stretch in every direction. Sourced from Cosserat, the oldest corduroy producer, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Weight 489 g

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