Montebelluna to Oslo // Day.10

MONTEBELLUNA TO OSLO // DAY.10 6After the long and not too comfortable train ride, it felt great to continue the walk again. Never before have we been on the west coast of Denmark in no wind, but this was the weather that greeted us back to Scandinavia.MONTEBELLUNA TO OSLO // DAY.10 4The sand on the beach was packed rather dense close to the edge of the ocean, so the walk was rather effortless… and flat. These beaches seem to stretch on and on, and we found it rather meditative as the rhythm of the walk fused in with the repetitive sound of the waves coming in and dilute on the beach close to feet.

After a full day’s hike up the beaches, we reached the small village Lønstrup. Time for dinner – we entered the first restaurant we passed; Villa Vest.

True Nordic gourmet, but already too late to turn around as we had inhaled the wonderful scents drifting out from the kitchen… we had passed the point of no return.
We were definitely not their typical customers as we crashed in wearing dirty and by now rather smelly clothes, which again may have been the reason why they put us in a Chambre Separee? The menu was set, so no choices to be made. The food that followed was simply outstanding.

So with our pockets full of empty and a stomach full of dreams (almost as Kris Kristoffersen would put it), we stumbled out on the beach and continued on the endless stretches of sand going home.

About 2 in the morning, we found a suitable camp spot up on the grass covered sand dunes with a view up the beach. We quickly fell asleep to the continuous sound of the ocean – the only element separating us from Norway.MONTEBELLUNA TO OSLO // DAY.10 7





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