Amundsen adventure-wear is such a true champion of the knickerbocker that they eschew the
conformist need to offer regular trousers and pants in their outerwear range. Convinced that the
knickerbocker offers the greatest move-ability, flexibility and comfort to the outdoor adventurer, of any form of trouser, Amundsen developed the very first range of technical knickerbockers that covers all forms of outdoor pursuit, in any season.

Not only does the knickerbocker offer the best winter solution, in conjunction with boots, gators and skis, they can also be used throughout those warm summer days too, simply step into your flip-flops and you´re ready to go.

The flexibility of nikkers is one of their most desirable features, especially when considering your kit choices for those many, many unpredictable days up in the mountains, when weather can change in the blink of an eye. Blizzard conditions or a summer’s afternoon, Amundsen’s knickerbockers fit the bill.

Amundsen employ their unique 4-way stretch design to offer the ultimate freedom to enjoy your outdoor pursuits. Alongside this, the industry-leading technology employed by Amudsen offers the ultimate in protection from wind, snow and rain and great breathability, meaning that
you´ll be ready to go anywhere at any time Such are the levels of comfort, unrestricted movement and protection, except for the occasional washing, you’ll never want to take them off.

If further proof were needed, then the fact that Amundsen designed the first of their knickerbocker range for the Antarctic Expedition of 2011, and consequently tested in the most challenging of our planet´s extreme conditions, demonstrates unequivocally the belief in and commitment to their products.

As with all Amundsen clothing, every knickerbocker is made from the most durable, protective and comfortable fabrics currently available and designed with the wearer in mind to ensure absolute ease of use.

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