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Heroes Anorak

$ 649

The Heroes Anorak is designed from the original anoraks worn by Amundsen and his men during the South Pole conquest in 1911.The oversized unisex Anorak features no technical elements, yet protects you against the elements in the simplest way.

Made in Europe

› Warm insulated hood that fits over a beanie
› Detachable hood with metal snaps
› Hood lined with cotton when you remove the fur, so it is still comfortable to use
› Hand pockets lined with soft cotton fabric
›Laced collar for adjusting against the wind
› Adjustable cuff width with metal snaps.
› Norgesreima hanging loop
› 100% real sheep fur insulation, LWG bronze rated standard
› ¾ quarter length for full protection
› Cotton/linen fabric treated with natural wax

54% Linen, 46% Cotton

The Heroes Anorak takes its design from the original anoraks worn by Amundsen and his men during the South Pole conquest in 1911. It’s a piece which embodies the belief that there is value in the traditional way of dressing.
The hood is constructed with a detachable sheep fur for extra warmth and lined with cotton when the fur is not in use. The thick canvas body is intended to be waxed to regulate weatherproofness and breathability. This oversized unisex Anorak features no modern materials, yet protects you against the elements in the most traditional way.

Weight 2200 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daryl Daxx McClendon
Passed The Cold and Wind Test

I just picked up my anorak in NYC yesterday afternoon from the Amundsen store. Windchill was in the minus-teens in some places last night, especially by the waterfront, with a low of 6F and a high in the mid-20’sF. It turned heads, not only for design I’m sure but because people might have been wondering why they’re freezing and I appeared not to be. It is warm, stylish, a phenomenal windbreaker and water rolls right off of it. It’s weighted and not flimsy; so, don’t expect it to move very much when the wind picks up. Great neck and head protection. Glove-, mitt- and liner-friendly. Easier to put on once you get the hang of it. I wore it out the store and bagged the coat I came in with. All I had on underneath it was a thin base layer and a hoodie (also from Amundsen). I can’t impress upon you enough the quality. You’re getting what you pay for- but you’re only going to have to buy it once. Headed to the Antarctic Peninsula in three weeks where it’ll actually be warmer there than here (34F). Gave it a test run with high NYC winds and low windchill and it passed the test. So, with confidence, I say: Go get one of your own.

Elias B
High quality trusty anorak

This has become my go to anorak during winter expedition and hikes. Used it in the mountains, highlands and in the lowlands. In temperatures ranging from +5 down to -30 and wind. If you layer accordingly it works wonderfully. It is super durable and reliable you can trust it 100%. During marches with skies and “pulk” it breath’s really good but still keeps the wind and the cold out. What is really good with the waxed cotton is that when you sit/sleep near the camp fire you won’t get melted holes if sparks hit the anorak like other synthetic and gortex shells do.

I trust this anorak on my trips and I do recommend it. It’s a high price but it’s fair for what you get.

Wow this is amazing

I had my doubts when I ordered this. I almost chickened out and returned it after trying it on the first time. But I am so glad I didn't! I love this anorak so much. You feel like an Arctic explorer when you wear it. I want to keep it on all the time. It's very durable with a neat waxy texture. I've worn it in -10 weather and stayed warm with a sweater under it. The hood is perfect. The pockets are large. It's a little work wiggling into it but I've gotten the hang of that. But be prepared: you will get people complimenting it everywhere you go. I had 6 people come up to me in the mall to check it out. Everyone is blown away by how unique and cool it is. I love this anorak!

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