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Made by our friends at Sunski over in San Francisco, CA, USA.

A classic and confident addition to the Sidekick Collection, with a smaller frame and round lens for small and medium faces.  It features our Sidekick magnetic shields for maximum sun coverage. Delivered with Sunski  pebbled faux-leather texture hardcase.

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The Volante is a classic and confident addition to the Sidekick Collection, with a smaller frame and round lens for small and medium faces.  It features our Sidekick magnetic shields for maximum sun coverage.

Named after the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante (Italian for ‘flying saucer’), an iconic 1950s sports car, the Volante’s fluid lines and eye catching colors will get you just as many style points cruising down the boulevard as they will on California’s rugged Highway 1.  (Bonus: its got secret morse code on the Sidekick shield)


Sunski´s sunglasses balance style and functionality without compromise. Their design process is rigorous, unique and innovative.

Sunski´s frames are made from recycled plastic, our packaging is plastic-free and we donate 1% of sales to environmental non-profits. We believe that good design has to be sustainable too.

Their north star has always been the great outdoors. We live to go outside and experience the simple joy of the natural environment. Our products exist to make those moments even better.

The Challenge
Quality sunglasses are too expensive. Cheap sunglasses are poor quality. Performance sunglasses aren’t stylish. Stylish sunglasses don’t perform. Less than 1% of the world’s sunglasses are made from sustainable materials. We make the best of all worlds—super stylish, functional, sustainable shades at a fair price. Sunski turn recycled plastic into stylish, functional, quality sunglasses that give you the best outside experience for a fair price.

Sunski don’t shop from factory catalogs or blindly chase fast fashion trends. Every style and color that Sunski sell is designed from scratch and tested with customers at their studio in San Francisco.

Perfect Fit
Sunski´s light and flexible frames are designed to fit snugly so they don’t slide around, but not so much that they squeeze or cause pain. By 3D modeling the frames from scratch, we ensure the essential surfaces of the frames that touch the face are smooth and comfortable. Sunski never use the clumsy metal nose pads that leave indents in skin and get caught in your hair.

Sunski Website; https://www.sunski.com/


Sunski couldn’t find a sustainable material they liked, so they invented their own. SuperLight recycled resin is stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than anything on the market.

SuperLight is created from scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in a USA landfill. They intercept this scrap plastic from the waste stream and reformulate it into the SuperLight polycarbonate resin.


Eye Coverage: Max
Wrap & Angle: High

Temple Width: 140.0mm
Bridge Width: 23.1mm
Lens Width: 47.8mm

Lens Specs:
Ocean: 9% VLT, Grey Tint, Base 6 curve
Amber: 12% VLT, Amber Tint, Base 6 curve

All lenses are polarized, block 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths and pass FDA basic impact test

Comes with Hardcase Case
Protect your Sunskis in a hard case with a snap-button closure.  This sleek case features a pebbled faux-leather texture on the outside and a soft fuzzy microfiber cloth on the inside to snuggle your shades.

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It’s a medium-coverage, medium-sized frame that works best on small to medium faces. Unisex, and rocked by guys and gals nationwide.