“My experience with food is always changing and evolving with the desire to learn more, to share more, and to recognize that it not just about what we eat but who we eat with”

As a chef, world traveler and environmental advocate, Gabe is passionate and dedicated to connecting people, food and culture. Making a positive impact through adventurous, healthy and innovative cuisine, his mission is to inspire people to explore the kitchen, their senses, and rediscover the joys of cooking.

“I am always searching the world for new products, cuisine and innovations that are good for the people and planet. I believe that all food has a story and that food should be thy medicine…

I believe in challenging the status quo and living an inspired life filled with limitless creativity, passion and self expression.

I believe in truth, honesty and vulnerability – and that we are blessed to share this beautiful world with one another and that we must work as one to heal the land, sea, air and each other. 

Food is our most intimate interaction with the environment and with each other. Food brings us pleasure, and I believe it is important that we must always enjoy the experience, so break the rules every once in a while. Indulging in some amazing cake with your friends will bring you joy and memories that will out weigh the ‘detriment’ to you health.”

“We live in a world of labels. Think about it. Everything and everyone exists within a label. It is time to break free. Food, directions, prices, judgement, juices, diets… we are told what is right, what is wrong; we are lead to believe that one particular way of eating, or being, is right. Its time to break free. 

We are human. We are diverse. We are ever changing beings on a journey – to me this means we acknowledging our diversity with what we consume as well. Even though one may think that being vegan, vegetarian, paleo etc. makes you healthy, it does not. Not every eating lifestyle is right for everyone. So do what feels right. 

I believe that we must attune to our body and follow what it is we desire in a conscious and mindful manner. This has allowed me to experience the beauty of the world and culture through food – stay happy and stay healthy.”

Make a big batch of mushrooms and keep them as a garnish for steak,

salad, soup, or even eat them by themselves.

Serves 8


Arugula – 1 bag (about 6 handfuls)
Shitake Mushrooms – 1/4 lb
Honjimeji Mushrooms – 1/4 lb
Thyme – 2 sprigs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 tbsp
Shallot – 1 each minced
Red onion – 1/2 each minced
Balsamic Vinegar – 1/4 cup
Honey – 1 tbsp
Walnut Oil – 1/2 tbsp
Lemon – juice of 1/2 
Toasted Pine Nuts – 1/4 cup
Chives – 2 tbsp
Pecorino Cheese (optional)


Prepare mushrooms by cutting them into bite sized pieces. Place a saute pan over medium high heat. Add oil, and once hot add the mushrooms. Let sit for 90 seconds and then shake the pan. Lower heat, add thyme. Remove the mushrooms from the pan. Add shallot and red onion and sweat for  a min. Then add the balsamic vinegar and honey and let reduce till it is a light glaze. Add the mushrooms and pine nuts and walnut oil back to the pan, season with salt, pepper, lemon and herbs.

Lightly toss the mushrooms with arugula and taste. The Arugula should lightly wilt from the heat of the mushrooms.

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