Amundsen Sports manufactures clothing and accessories for the harshest weather on the globe. Our ambition is to ensure the highest comfort and security for our customers when they entrust us by purchasing Amundsen products.

In cold-weather climates, animal fur will add an extra layer of protection for high winds and precipitation. We chose to use coyote fur for several reasons.

1. Coyote fur won’t freeze
2. Coyote fur won’t attract moisture or water
3. Have been used by mountain men for centuries
4. The fur is sourced in a humane and sustainable way

Amundsen Sports are engaged in the protection and treatment of wildlife. We will never use, or associate ourselves with animal farms. Animals that suffer or are/becoming distinct through animal farming are inhumane and should be deemed illegal. The subsidiaries provided by the Norwegian government towards this industry should be withdrawn immediately.

We chose a sustainable approach to our fur collection. Coyotes are predators spreading across the North-American continent. They are so adaptable that controlling their quotas has become a problem in certain areas. In Canada (where we source from) there are strict regulations on coyote hunting and trapping. Hunting seasons are regulated to ensure a sustainable breeding season for the young pups.

Canada has implemented one of the strictest policies for trapping and hunting, and are rewarded for their efforts to establish “The International Humane Trapping Standards”. (USA, EU and Russia). The trapping standards are strictly surveilled and inspections must be done once every 24 hours. We ensure that all our furs are collected from coyotes living in the wild, and are trapped through the highest standards and requirements to date.

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