Friends In The Field

Stories from the Field – from those who know how to have fun and enjoy nature as one big playground

Hailey Moore

Based in Boulder, CO, Hailey is a writer who enjoys chasing flowstate in many forms—from mountain running, bikepacking to climbing, she finds freedom in the long days out. Read more about Hailey here.

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Occupation: Writer, Athlete

Location: Boulder, CO

Libby Reagan

Libby spends her time between St Andrews, Scotland, and Aspen, Colorado, balancing skiing, mountain biking, and her studies. 

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Occupation: Skier

Location: Aspen, CO

Ingrid Tandrevold

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold is a Norwegian biathlete who competed for Norway at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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Occupation: Biathlete

Location: Sørkedalen, Norway

Sondre Eriksen

I’m waiting for my friend King Winter. The rowansberries hanging heavy this year! Crossing my fingers for good adventures to come.

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Occupation: Adventurer

Location: Bergen, Norway

Dairinn Bowers

Dairinn spends her time in the two climates of Los Angeles and Aspen. Drawn between Surfing & Skiing

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Occupation: Skier, Surfer

Location: Aspen, CO

Hakon Erlandsen (JazzAthelte)

Norwegian adventurer and musician

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Occupation: Adventurer

Location: Oslo

Gabe Kennedy

Gabe Kennedy is an award winning chef, world traveler, and all around food guy.

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Occupation: Chef

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Gunn Sande

Follow along Gunn’s adventures @gunn_sande

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Occupation: Skiing

Location: Norway

Chris Patterson

Chris lives his family in Bozeman, MT. Chris has spent this past year (and many years past) shooting for Warren Miller

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Occupation: Cinematographer

Location: Bozeman, MT

Sir Drifto

Nathan James is a Colorado native who thrives for adventure, primarily in the sky.

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Occupation: Pilot

Location: Denver, CO

Emma Garschagen

Emma spent this last season in the North-East US and Europe as the first mate on a 59′ Swan. While she’s not on the boat, she lives in Boulder, CO.

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Occupation: Sailor

Location: Boulder, CO