Field Test Africa #2

On Dirt Roads Through Botswana

#2 Kwa Nokeng, Botswana – Border between South Africa and Botswana – 10.57PM

Today we completed our first leg. Finally in the 4×4’s, ready to explore the wilderness of Botswana. As a result of it’s remoteness, we will be travelling long and far to experience the in’s and out’s of several national parks and game reserves. This is what makes this area unique, it is not accessible for the average tourist.

From what we have heard, Botswana’s wilderness is such a remarkable destination because of the abundance of space. As Norwegians these characteristics seems very intriguing and we are eager to get out there and explore this vast landscape for ourselves.We are ready to test our latest Safari Mucks, brand new luggage and all the other apparel we are launching the coming season.

Travelling north from Johannesburg we set the cruise control on the N1 before heading North-West towards the border. Getting closer to the Limpopo River (the floating border between South Africa and Botswana) we started to discover a change in landscape as communities became scarcer and savannahs started to unfold themselves. Rolling into Groblersbrug and the Martin Drift Border control was a roaring experience with goats on the run, clucking hens and local food stands and craft sellers setting the mood. We jumped in the departure lane and checked out of South Africa for now.

Postcard: Trygve having a laugh with a veterinary controller

Border control and importing the cars went smoothly before we headed across the Limpopo river and into Botswana. Our first night was to be spent at Kwa Nokeng along the river. Our rooftop tents was pulled down and installed and the first camp of many was established. Roof top tents is a new experience for all of us, and certainly a game-changer within the world of mobile touring. Being able to observe wildlife from above and having the ability to break camp quickly is two of numerous benefits. Living among the animals without fencing or other boundaries are in stark contrast to our daily lives in Norway. Above our camp we had a Acicia tree similar to those in “Lion King” that were crowded of curious vervet monkeys. These social creatures are characterised for their creativity and as notorious thieves, we played hide n seek with them until the grunt’s from the hippos draw us to sleep on top of our 4×4’s.

PostcardJC, Trygve and Erik importing the cars into Botswana

Tomorrow we will head towards the Kalahari Desert. This area is larger than Switzerland and Denmark combined. Endless roads hours away from the nearest population is what we came here for.

Good night from Kwa Nokeng, Botswana.

Kalahari Game Reserve (Larger than Denmark and Switzerland combined!)

#3 Heading into the Kalahari Desert (Blog Post #3) 

(Jørgen at the border post along the Limpopo River, South Africa) 



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