Earn The Patina Of Use | The Concept

There is a story behind each imperfection. We believe clothes should be used and abused ultimately forming a connection with the wearer, with memories of adventure flooding your mind each time you put on one of those well-worn pieces. We believe clothing is meant to serve you, not vice versa – so, don’t be cautious or hold back, each Amundsen piece has been put to the test and is ready for whatever you throw at it. The patina of use is a beautiful thing, giving our garments character which can only be earned through adventure.

The very foundations of Amundsen Sports are made of the standards set by Roald Amundsen and his spirit of adventure. His successful combination of tradition with innovation, inspires us on our mission to enhance and simplify the everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts. We develop smart products inspired by the past and built for the future with advanced technical features and state-of-the-art materials. The products we tested back during our first years are still the heart of our collection. A sign of our continuous quest to make Versatile and Timeless products of the highest possible quality.  We still place field testing adventures at the core of our business— adventures full of play and in touch with the inner child.


Like us, we know you push your gear to the limit and we believe the odd repair is the ultimate in the life cycle of a product with patina. We have become fond of the ‘field repair’, the gratification that comes when performing a repair yourself only bonds you further with your trusted piece. If you don’t happen to have a needle and thread out in the bush, feel free to send it back to us – as we’d be happy to mend it. Our treat.


  • Unisex

    Halley Stevensons Wax Tin

    $ 10
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  • Unisex

    Halley Stevensons Wax Bar

    $ 15
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  • Unisex

    Halley Stevensons Reproofing Spray

    $ 19
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  • Unisex

    Huberd’s Shoe Grease

    $ 16
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