Delivery Boys // Intro

DELIVERY BOYS // INTROWe are currently located in Boulder, Colorado. There’s a unique spirit and vibe around this city that made it an easy choice when considering where to establish ourselves here in the States. To boost our need for the great outdoors we decided to build a unique office location.



We find ourselves in the foothills above Boulder, approximately 6000 feet above sea level. Surrounded by blowing winds and astonishing views we prepared our fall tour towards our shops scattered around the country. As a small and personal brand, we take care of the deliveries ourselves, and we wanted to share our journey with you.

Delivery Boys is the latest mini-series out of Amundsen Sports. You will get to know Trygve and Christian and their creative touch of performing deliveries. A three-week period of grass skiing, running and trekking to make our deadlines. The advantages of being a small brand is that we are able to spend time with our shops, and get to know the staff up close.

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