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How to clean a down jacket:

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It´s a simple thing to take care of your down jacket and you shouldn’t be scared to do so. Not only is it easy but it’s also worthwhile to get the most out of your product. So to help you out we’ve put together a nice simple step-by-step showing you how to clean a down jacket.

Cleaning step by step guide:

Step 1: Wash your garment according to the care label, preferably on a gentle cycle and slow spin.

› Before washing your product brush off any loose mud or dirt.
› Close all zippers and velcro’s before putting the garment in the washing machine.
› Do not bleach or use fabric softener

STEP 2: Tumble dry the garment

› Place garment in the tumble dryer (up to 2 garments max)
› Tumble dry on low heat (Drying balls / tennis balls. The drying balls will help to distribute the down evenly and maintain the loft effect. Use 2 tennis balls per garment, place them in the dryer).
› Tumble dry until completely dry

Please note: You might need to do several drying cycles. Remember to shake and fluff up the garment manually between each cycle, to break down any clumps that might be forming. This ensure your garment will be fully dry and thus keep you warm longer!
Important note: Do not dry clean.

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