• Why Knickerbockers?

    Why Knickerbockers?

    What happened to the knickerbocker that all real mountain men preferred before?

  • Spirit of Amundsen

    Spirit of Amundsen

    In December 2011, we celebrated the 100 year anniversary since man first reached the South Pole. To mark the centennial, we had been planning an expedition back to Antarctica.

  • Ane in Greenland

    Ane in Greenland

    The total experience from this trip encapsulates it all. From the most beautiful moments, to the contrast of seeing it from a business state of mind.



    Amundsen learned to dog sled, hunt for seals, kayak, fish, and even wear the clothes of the Inuit. These skills he learned from a people who lived at one with the land.

  • Field Testing #1 // Alaska

    Field Testing #1 // Alaska

    We are here, inspired by the essence of “field-testing” the upcoming line-up of Amundsen Sports winter clothing – in the harsh climate of Denali´s jagged spires jutting up from the glacier like broken…

  • From Home to the Arctic Circle

    From Home to the Arctic Circle

    Much like Roald Amundsen did back in 1910 when he set sail for Antarctica, we simply started this journey from my home. Roald once said; “Adventure is just bad planning” – and on his departure he had…

  • Adventure Clothing

    Adventure Clothing

    Adventure clothing Places the greatest design and manufacturing demands of all producers of clothing in the industry. By the very definition of an adventure, it places those involved in the most exciting, testing…

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