Amundsen Summer Route

Jump on the train from Oslo S to Bjorli (NOK 528). Kick back, study the route and recharge. From Bjorli to Tunga alternative transport is recommended (taxi/tractor). The variation in landscape and climate between the starting point at Tunga to the fjords of Tafjord – is nowhere else to be found. From dry flat highlands to lush steep fjords. From Tunga, take the path along Ulvådalsvatnet to the charming DNT-hut Vakkerstøylen. Then follow the route in Grøndalen up to the pass above Illstigvatnet. A long, gradual decent with increasingly lush vegetation will follow all the way down to Tafjord. Go for a cooling dip in the fjord and get some rest before next leg.

Wake up in the lush and calm Tafjord. Go for refreshing a morning dip before breakfast and take in the scenery. The contrast to the neighboring Geiranger is stark. Geiranger hosts 180 cruise ships and 600 000 tourists a year. Tafjord is still charmingly understated and not designed for the masses.  

The kayak stretch between Tafjord and Eidsdal is blessed with an abundance of picturesque waterfalls and massive mountainsides. “Slufsa”, a waterfall with enormous powers from its 1000 meter vertical drop, is encountered from the get-go. Take your time along the route and enjoy some “niste-pakke” (Norwegian lunch) in between. Leave the kayaks in Eidsdal and embark on the final stretch of the route up to Kilsti. Take the steep path up the hillside or find alternative transport. Kilsti Comapct Lodge offers a cluster of 4 glass cabins nestled in where fjords and mountains meet. Time to rest and enjoy the panoramic views of the Storfjord.

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