Field Shield Waterproof


c_change is a wind and waterproof membrane which opens up for unequalled ventilation
when you are warm, and closes in to retain heat when you are cold.
> 10.000mm watercolumn / < 2 RET value
› Water tight zippers
› All seams are carefully sealed
› Ventilation on sides with mesh lining
› Amundsen Peak patch on left thigh
› Integration system at kneecuffs for gaiters
› 5 zipped pockets
› Articulated knees always where you want them to be


› Stretch 3-layer fabric from Schoeller Switzerland
› 73% polyamide 21% polyurethane 6% elastane

Size guide

Men's bottoms measurements
Seat - 92-97 98-103 104-109 110-115 116-121
Waist - 78-83 84-89 90-95 96-101 102-106
Body Height - 170-178 174-182 178-186 182-193 186-196
Seat - 36¼ - 38¼ 38½ - 40½ 41 - 43 43¼ - 45¼ 45¾ - 47¾
Waist - 30¾ - 32¾ 33-35 35½ - 3½ 37¾ - 39¾ 40¼ - 41¾
Body Height - 67 - 70 68½ - 71¾ 70 - 73¼ 71¾ - 76 73¼ - 77 ¼

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I already own two pairs of knickerbockers from Amundsen, but this pair took it to the next level. I wanted to see if I could make these pair work in off-piste conditions in the mountains rather than using a pair of downhill pants, and boy, they sure held up!

I´m 184, 72kg, so I´m pretty thin. I went with a size medium; It´s a bit wide in the waist, which I find great, enabling you to layer up underneath.

They worked terrifically, but I had my doubts they wouldn´t be; versatile enough for keeping me warm up the mountains yet cool down the slope, high enough to have the powder slip in under the jacket, or just strong enough overall. But who was I kidding... They were terrific and held up like a champ, and now I can´t stop using them. I wore them in conditions ranging from -10 to +10 Celcius, in both stormy and mild conditions. I didn´t feel any wind penetrate the material up the mountain. It protected me against snow and water, super-strong yet highly flexible. When back on piste, I just opened the ventilation, so yeah, I was comfortable no matter what nature threw at us. Combined with gaiters, it feels like magic, or rather, I felt like magic.

I would highly recommend this product.


Komfortabelt og praktisk i bruk sammen med gamasjer. Min måtte sendes på reparasjon etter et par gangers bruk, da knapper løsnet og glidelåser gikk i stykker. Reparasjon gikk bra og har holdt sammen etter det.

Glidelåsene glir veldig dårlig. På ventilasjonen langs lårene har de mesh på innsiden som glidelåsene hang seg opp hele tiden, jeg klippet bort meshen og det ble veldig mye bedre, da får man også rikelig med luft inn på varme vårskidager. Meshen har etter mitt syn ingen funksjon på en vinternikkers annet enn å begrense mulighetene for lufting, ifølge Amundsen er det for å holde snøen ute i dårlig vær, men er det uvær med vind og snødrev er det sjelden store behov for å ventilere.

Den var heller ikke "tett" nok til å holde insekter borte sommers-tid, så kan anbefale å klippe den bort :)

Alt i alt, meget komfortabel og god å bevege seg i, praktisk med integrerte gamasje-fester. Men litt å gå på når det kommer til pris/kvalitet.

Petter B

Funker bra med av på med bein!


Tested on a 6 day cross-country trip across the Hardangervidda. Sturdy and comfortable, with decent venting (the double zip is pretty useful). Undoubtedly stylish and comfortable, and it’s nice to open up the bottoms and roll down the socks & gaiters on a hot day.

Wore them with half length thermal long johns underneath, and some knee length socks. The attachment system for the gaiters is well designed and didn’t let any snow in, even after a few crashes in deep snow.

Sizing is a little bit off for the bottom section if you have large calves/lower legs, and our guide was concerned that the gap in that area would let the wind & snow in if we had a storm. No problems with that, but the worst we encountered were winds of up to 12 metres per second. May be worth carrying a spare set of long wind breaking trousers just in case. Otherwise the material is deceptively good at both blocking wind & letting out sweat.

I’ll be interested to see how they do in the long term.


Ive used this a while now, and all I can say is that I love it. So comfortable, smooth and silent you almost can't believe it is a technical weatherproof garment. Venting works perfectly, and the look is outstanding. I feel fabulous wearing crunched down socks, hikingshoes/boots and knickers. There is something adventurous and "norwegian" about it. Im getting Peak Gaiters asap, because I know I will be using the knickers a lot this winter.

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