Adventure Clothing

Adventure clothing

Places the greatest design and manufacturing demands of all producers of
clothing in the industry. By the very definition of an adventure, it places those involved in the most exciting, testing and unpredictable environments imaginable, so it follows that the adventure clothing they wear must also stand up to the challenges and rigors of these extreme conditions.

The key elements of adventure clothing is that it must offer the best possible protection from the elements and conditions, whilst simultaneously allowing the wearer the ease of use and comfort required to make light work of the challenges faced. That is why producers of high quality adventure clothing are always at the forefront of fabric technology and product design.

Amundsen Sports of Norway are a shining example of this technology in action. The fabrics and materials they use are the final word in weather protection, breathability, motion-ease and comfort, allied to both a practicality and style inherent in the design of their adventure clothing range.

Inspired by one of history’s greatest ever adventurers, Roald Amundsen, Amundsen Sports have drawn upon decades, centuries even, of experience in producing adventure clothing for the most extreme conditions on our planet to ensure everything they produce is more than up to the challenge.

The wilderness of Norway provide some of the most challenging weather on the planet, so who better to trust than its inhabitants to produce the adventure clothing needed to not only survive, but prosper, in such harsh environments? I know who’d I’d chose.

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